Monday, January 5, 2015

A New Beginning....

By way of introduction, I am a 30-something wargamer from Newcastle, NSW. I initially started gaming in the late 80's with all the usual suspects - D&D, Battletech, Car Wars, etc. My interests then shifted to the world of miniature wargaming. Like most 14 year olds who play miniature games, I was taken in by GW. We played the original Rogue Trader 40K rules and then 2nd edition. The change to 3rd edition 40K killed the hobby for me as I had to scrap my substantial Eldar Harlequin army.....which just ceased to exist!  I dabbled for a number of years with Warhammer Fantasy 5th edition, before a number of decisions by GW made me vow never to buy into another one of their systems (except 3rd Ed Space Hulk).

I tried Flames of War for a while and some 15mm Napoleonics using General de Brigade, but I was unable to commit to the "hobby" side due to serious time constraints imposed by work. So things stayed....until I discovered Boardgames and then, more specifically, Wargames in 2010.

Over the last four years I have accumulated a sizeable collection of board/war games and have a small cohort of regular gaming mates. Our interests as a group usually lie more with the "ameritrash" style boardgames (X-wing, Descent, Commands & Colours, Sails of Glory, etc).  My wargaming is exclusively solo. It includes, amongst others, ASL Starter Kit, Lock 'n Load, Great Battles of History and the Musket & Pike series by Ben Hull.  This year I plan to take on the Operational Combat Series by Dean Essig (specifically DAK2)!

This blog is mainly for my own consumption. I would never presuppose that anyone else on the internet would be the least bit interested in my ramblings, but my ramblings do help me organise my thoughts. The focus will be on any projects relating to gaming that I may have going on. The output will be sporadic and will be determined by my need to put something down in "writing".  I do welcome anyone else who is reading this to keep reading in the future, and we'll see where this goes.

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